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Meet Our Team

A portrait of Dr. Dan S. Landmann founder of StyeGuy at River Edge, New Jersey.

Dan Landmann, MD, MSEE

Dr. Dan is the head honcho here at StyeGuy! Click here to learn more about him.

Nicole Van Nes, Nurse Practitioner

Nicole is our Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner. She will begin your consultation, provides the best care for your stye, and addresses any questions you may have!

Sydney Mattera, Physician Assistant

Sydney is our Board-Certified Physician Assistant. She begins your consultation and is dedicated to tailoring a personalized path to treat your stye, while addressing any concerns!

A portrait of Jessica Lee at StyeGuy in River Edge, New Jersey.

Jessica Lee, MD

Jessica is our newest Fellow. After completing a prestigious Residency in Ophthalmology, she is studying under Dr. Landmann to become an expert oculoplastic surgeon.

A portrait of Joanna at StyeGuy in River Edge, New Jersey.


Joanna is the face of Stye Guy, and not just because she has amazing eyes! She is friendly, efficient, and expertly knowledgeable. If you have a question, Joanna is happy to help you!

A portrait of Melissa at StyeGuy in River Edge, New Jersey.


Melissa helps guide our cosmetic surgical and non-surgical patients with all the logistics before, during, and after your treatment. If it’s not a medical question, then Melissa has the answer!

Bri, Future PA

Every year, we hire students who are in their gap year between undergraduate and PA school or Medical school to work as our Medical Assistant. Bri is a wonderful, hard-working, driven, and exceptionally smart medical assistant. She makes the gears run smoothly.

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