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Worried that you have an Eyelid Infection?

Get an Online Consultation with an Eye Doctor Right Now


We’ll evaluate your problem, answer all your questions and call in a prescription … all for $49


This is the Fastest & Easiest way to get a Prescription Antibiotic Medication for your Eyelid Infection.


If you need an Antibiotic – we can Call it into your Pharmacy Immediately.

Dr. Dan Landmann is a Board-Certified Ophthalmologist who specializes in Eyelid Surgery.

We have treated thousands of eyelid infections and styes.


The Old Way

Call office to make an appointment

Schedule appointment, take time off work, wait for the doctor to see you

Doctor’s appointment: $185       

Wait Time: 2 weeks

StyeGuy Way

Online consultation: $49

Wait time: None

Prescription called in to your pharmacy within 2 hours

Detailed & Accurate Treatment plan for Your specific Problem

It’s Simple: Answer 20 Questions & Upload a Photo

Step 1


Fill out our quick, easy and secure online consultation form.

Step 2


Upload a photo of your eyelid infection without even leaving your couch or office!

Step 3


Dr. Dan Landmann will review your info, then design a customized treatment plan and prescribe an Antibiotic/Steroid to your pharmacy.

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