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Stye, Chalazion, and Stye Surgery Before and After Photos

Styes, Chalazion and Hordeolum

Before and After Stye Surgery

Eyelid Skin Cancer / Basal Cell Cancer

Benign Eyelid Growth

A portrait of Dr. Dan S. Landmann founder of StyeGuy at River Edge, New Jersey.

You Sound Like an Expert in All Things Stye Related. How Do I Get Treated By the StyeGuy Himself!?

Thanks, I would love to help you! If you’re interested in getting treatment for a stye today, just click on the button below, and I’ll be happy to call in the appropriate antibiotic drop and/or pill for you. I’ve literally treated thousands of styes on our telemedicine platform, and even more in real life. My goal is to get you feeling better as soon as possible!

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