Who is providing my consultation?

Dr. Dan Landmann is a board-certified New Jersey, New York and Connecticut based Ophthalmologist. He is sub-specialized in oculoplastic Surgery, which focuses on cosmetic & reconstructive surgery of the upper and lower eyelids as well as the face. Dr. Landmann received his undergraduate and medical degrees from Tufts University. He also attended graduate school in Electrical Engineering, which gave him the entrepreneurial spirit and knowledge to start this website. Dr. Landmann did both his residency in Ophthalmology and fellowship in Oculoplastic, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery at Tufts Medical Center in Boston, Massachusetts. This is one of the most prestigious Ophthalmology programs in the country, and is known for hands-on patient care. He now runs his own practice in Maywood, NJ.

Does StyeGuy replace an in person medical consult?

In most cases, StyeGuy will be able to provide a treatment plan that works for you. However, there may be some cases that are not easily treated and will require the attention of a traditional eye doctor consultation.

What is StyeGuy?

StyeGuy is a secure telemedicine platform that connects people with a board-certified ophthalmologist. StyeGuy enables you to receive a private consultation without needing to make an appointment, travel to a doctor’s office or wait around for the doctor to come to you. Our doctor uses your information and photos to provide you with a personalized Stye Treatment advice and if necessary, a prescription Antibiotic or Steroid will be called right into your pharmacy.