What if I do not wish to send a photo?

StyeGuy needs a photo in order for the doctor to evaluate your concern. If you are having difficulties taking a picture of your stye, please see our video on taking a high quality picture of your stye. If you are having difficulty sending us your picture, please contact support@styeguy.com.

It has been more than 24 hours and I still haven’t received a response.

StyeGuy cases are only received, processed and evaluated during our business hours, which are Monday through Friday 9am-5pm. If more than one business day has passed, please email our support team so a StyeGuy agent can process your case and ensure it is seen by the doctor as soon as possible.

Is there a follow-up consultation available?

Yes. In fact, it is recommended that you follow up with the doctor at the specified time. We will contact you after 1 month to see if your stye resolved. If it hasn’t, then you can either make a follow up consultation with Dr. Landmann, or we would recommend that you see a doctor in person.

If I have questions, can I contact the StyeGuy doctor?

Video consultations, similar to FaceTime and Skype, are also available. After receiving your feedback from Dr. Landmann, if you feel that you have more questions, than a video consultation can be scheduled, though this is not included in the price of a consultation. Alternatively, an in-person consultation with a local eye doctor or Dr. Landmann can be arranged.

Can a doctor accurately diagnose my problem from a picture?

Yes, styes and other eyelid conditions are visual diagnoses that can usually be easily diagnosed through a photo, especially with the aid of the information provided by answering our questionnaire. That being said, if the photo and information that you provide cannot lead to a diagnosis or requires further attention, then Dr. Landmann will provide you information with what sort of doctor you should make an appointment with and what types of questions you should ask that doctor.