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Stye on My Eye

Our Blog on Styes, Chalazia and Hordeolum. The best treatments, OTC remedies and wacky stye stories on the internet.

What Is That Thing On Your Eye? The Need-to-Knows of Styes, Hordeolia, and Chalazia

May 18, 2017

A stye is the non-technical term for a hordeolum or chalazion. In order to treat your potential stye, you need to know what exactly it is, which is why we’re providing this comprehensive guide to styes. In the common vernacular, when someone says “stye” they can be referring to either of these things. A stye …

How Telemedicine WILL Revolutionize the Healthcare Industry

August 27, 2015

Do you miss the days of your dear old doctor driving up to your doorstep for a checkup? While the traditional house call may be a thing of the past, something even better is on the threshold of a new revolutionary beginning. That something is Telemedicine. Broadly defined, Telemedicine is “the use of medical information …

What to Expect During Stye Surgery

November 4, 2014

When you have a stye and your doctor recommends a procedure to open the stye, it can be can be concerning for a lot of patients. But knowing what to expect can help you feel more comfortable. Every ophthalmologist performs this procedure slightly differently, but most of the time, it is performed in the office. …