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Stye Relief

Getting Rid Of The Stye Around Your Eye

A stye is a painful bump on the eyelid which is sometimes caused by bacteria entering the pores near the lashes. In some cases, home remedies can help, but to make them go away quicker, Dr. Landmann frequently prescribes and antibiotic and steroid drop which helps with the infection and inflammation. This can be done online by filling out a form and sending him a selfie of your stye!

For some patients, the infection can take months to disappear if you are just using home remedies. However, here is a short list of a few items that can provide some relief.

If you have tried the above remedies and nothing has helped, it might be time to get stye relief from Dr. Landmann with an online consultation. If you are in New Jersey, New York or Connecticut, he can offer personalized expert information and call in a prescription Antibiotic & Steroid drop to make your problem go away quickly!