StyeGuy is the Amazon of Doctor Appointments.

If you’re busy and have things to do – going to the doctor for a stye is probably not on the top of your list of things to do. 

StyeGuy is the Amazon of Doctor Appointments. 

The process is simple: Fill out our secure form with information about your stye and any questions or concerns you have. Also, you can send Dr. Landmann a photo of your stye. Our office will reach out to you and schedule a video consultation within the next business day. You’ll receive a diagnosis and treatment plan from a Board Certified Ophthalmologist, and if you need a prescription, we will even send it straight to your pharmacy. If Dr. Landmann thinks your stye warrants further follow up care, he’ll let you know, and our staff will be pleased to arrange an in-office visit. It’s really that simple.


  • You can call and make an appointment with your primary care doctor or eye doctor – but do they specialize specifically in eyelids, like Dr. Landmann?
  • You can go to the ER and wait a few hours, or you can make an appointment and wait a few days, just to wait a half hour in the doctor’s office.
  • You can take a day off from work… or you can see the doctor while you are still at work.

Styes are very frustrating – we’re here to help!