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How do you treat a Stye?

This is the most important question – and yet the most controversial. Ask 5 different eye surgeons how to treat a stye – and you’ll get at least 5 different answers. Doctor Landmann’s approach incorporates two of his core principles: Safety and Aesthetics. Because he is an ophthalmologist that specializes in just eyelids, his management algorithm has been refined to get rid of your stye as fast as possible, using the safest medical and surgical techniques and provides you with the best aesthetic outcome.

By getting an online consultation with Dr. Landmann, you’ll get detailed information on what your eyelid bump really is – because sometimes it might not even be a stye. Depending on what your individual problem is, he will give you detailed information on how to treat it. If your problem is a stye, he will be able to call in a prescription for you to your local pharmacy instantaneously. If it is something more serious, like eyelid cancer, then he will help you find a local ophthalmologist that is best at treating your problem. And if you have any specific questions about your stye, then you’ll also have an opportunity to write out your question and get a detailed response back.